About Us

Multilink-Macurex Strted Group tarted operation in 1971 as electroplating, the group today has engaged in different business division supporting customers in automative,eletrical and electonic, home appliance and construction industries

    Located in 11 different locations in india with annual turnover of almost INR 7billon.
  • We have a workforce of more then 3.500 people including a team of well qualified engineers.
  • Today we are perferred supplier to OEM and Tier 1 domestic and globally.

The Group

Multilink the first company in the group formed by three technocrats started its operation in 1983 in garaden city of india Bengaluru,macurex sensors incorporated in the group in 1992 with above 3 directors and MrH.G vasuki has been supportin Automotive industry in Auto electrical and Mechanical parts, M++acer automotive systems dedicated export unit supplying parts across 12 different nations globally Maltown Electrics is new addition in the group and was incroporated in 2014.

We haave 8 companies in the group with the annual turnover 7Billion INR supporting customers across Automotive ,Electronic and electrical Home appliances and Construction industry Today Macurex Group is preferred supplier of OEM and they are tier 1 companies both domestic and globally. .